The End of One...The Beginning of Another.

I left my job of this week to pursue the great american way of life... Self-Employment! What have I done! This is a mistake.  I should drop all my clients and go running back to the job, that employed me for 11 years, and beg for it back.  I have to wonder if they would even consider taking me back? What if this new business venture doesn't work out?  Think they would take me back in six months when I realize that I have no clients hiring me and my only other choice for work is bagging groceries?  No! I am going to do this.  I am going to make this happen because I have faith and confidence in God and His plans for my family and I.  I pride myself on being a hard worker.  I just hope it isn't in the food service industry.  Eleven years! I have been dependent on that certain paycheck to pay the bills and support my families' ever growing needs. What now? Crap! 

For those of you who are reading and don't know me.  Allow me to introduce...  My name is Dagan... Dagan Beckett and this is my website blog. Not much too it.  Black, White and filled with Videos.  Yep.  That's what I do... Videos.  People actually pay me money to tell their story.  For most of my clients, they hire me not because they saw my services listed somewhere... They hire me for me.  They know me and trust me and want me to tell their story.  Whether they are selling underwear, medical services or the good ole' martial ceremony, they call me and ask me if I will video their story.  That's what it is all about right?  Stories!  I figured that out a long time ago.  The meaning of life are stories.  We all have a story.  We all have a story to tell. Most importantly, we all have a story that someone wants or needs to hear.  I just figured why not document those stories and spread those stories across the world.  Hopefully in an effort to make the Earth a better place.  

Any ways, back to the beginning... about 15 years ago I had just turned 22 and really didn't know what I wanted out of a professional career.  I had grown up in church my whole life and studied music through the artistry of the Beatles...(oh and school too.)  My best friend, FRED, took pity on me and in an effort to point me to something that I might like, he ask me to play bass guitar at this church that he had been playing at.  I told him that I wasn't interested.  I said that I was sorta taking a break from organized church.  He persisted until I said "yes."  I showed up with my bass guitar on that particular Sunday morning and the rest was literally history.  That one moment when I stepped my foot inside that church changed my life forever.  After that worship service, I knew that I wanted to pursue Music Ministry and I did. I went back and played at that church from time to time and was officially hired on as a part-time worship leader for their contemporary worship service in January 2005.  I eventually moved up to full time doing more music.  Somewhere down the road I switched over to media and communications and everything in between.  I had done it all and what a journey it was!

Fast forward to today.  This past Sunday, I walked out of those church doors with the same bass guitar that I walked in with 15 years ago.  

So What is next?  Where do I go from here?  I don't have another steady paying job lined up as all I have are my videography skills, my gear and my clients.  Is that enough to pursue an new career in videography?  I can honestly say that without the burden of getting the day-to-day and week-to-week jobs of the church done... my capacity for absorbing new energies in my brain is much more open than ever before. I am terrified! I am scared! I am excited! I am relieved! I am everything! 

Here we go Day 1 of the rest of my life... Let's clock in and make this happen. Let's focus on bringing up Beckett Media to the world!!!

Coming up next... The Kids, The Wife... the Family!