Oh and... More Change!!!

I am coming off a wonderful week.  I had two great video shoots with my friends over at Christ United Methodist Church and Gordon Hospital.  Both shoots had a special meaning to me in different ways.  How so?

Upon working with the folks over at Christ, I was reminded about how much ministry means to me.  It felt great to serve the greater good in efforts to change the world.  For Gordon, I was fortunate to take Danny and Chris with me.  Who are Danny and Chris?

I came to know them both at Burks.  I have watched Danny grow up and remember seeing him as a little Pre-K singing in the church kid’s choir.  Over the years, Danny has been searching for his gift, his talent.  Being just 15, he has come to love the art of Audio/Video.  Being Summer, I felt like this would be a great opportunity for him to get out of the house and learn something in the art of Video Production so I text him and asked if he wanted to tag along.  I truly hope he got something out of it.

I met Chris last year during Burks’ Summer VBS.  Chris has worked cameras and screens and just about everything for me at Church.  He loves the Media Arts and again, being summer, I felt this was a great opportunity to get him out of his house and practice what it is he loves. 

They both did an amazing job and truly hope I can bring them along with me again soon.

So Deb and I had dinner, this past week, at her favorite restaurant, The Red Lobster! We needed to talk.  We needed to decide if we were going to stay in Soddy or move the family.  If we decided to move, do we up grade or down grade or what? Just about all my clients are either South of the Tennessee River or in Georgia.

Anyways, after an intense discussion, we have decided that we are going to scale down.  We are going to buy a town home in Ooltewah and live in it for 2 years to finish paying off debt and save some cash. Then, hopefully, Beckett Media will be a conglomerate empire and we can rent out the town home and build or move into our forever home.  Sound like a plan?

We looked at a few town homes this past Saturday with Sue, our wonderful real estate agent, and found a few we really like. While in town, I took the kids by Harrison Bay State Park to play.  We went to my Papa’s grave, William Thomas Beckett, whom Will is named after. We also drove past Harrison UMC, my home church.  During this whole tour, I was reminded how much I miss my home town. Is this just a phase? Do I just need to deal with it and move on in life or is this a message from God telling me that I need to go back home?

Change, Change, Change!!! What to do and what to think?  If we relocate to Ooltewah there will be new schools for the kids and half the living space we are custom too.  However, I get to essentially move back to my home town (or close to it) and be closer to my extended family. This move will also relieve a huge house payment from our monthly finances.

With all that said, I guess it is set.  I am moving back to my old stomping grounds.  Since 2005 I have resided in the Hixson, Middle Valley, Soddy Daisy Area.  Where as I will miss the time and relationships I have built here in this town, I am looking forward to going home.