The Heart of Worship .. Using a Drone and Fireworks!!!

Let’s recap… Last week I talked about Deb and I making the decision to move the family across the river into the Ooltewah area…. With that said… We put an offer on a beautiful town home and … wait for it… we accepted a full price offer on our home. I know!  We literally had the house on the market for 5 hours before we had some showings and then an offer for our full price asking.  Praise Be!  Now comes the hard part… packing.  Urg! Does anyone have any tips on how best to pack for a move? 

Last week was big. I got caught up on all my jobs.  YAY!!  I finally got caught up on all my weddings.  I showed Deb the highlight film of the wedding I edited and she thought it was one of my best ones.  I am always too critical of myself but that is just because I want it to be good.  I so hope the couple likes it.  I will post it later this week but I will say that I had a beautiful couple to work with as it was a beautiful day and they were fantastic, easy going and down with whatever I needed to do to tell their story.  The perfect clients!!!

It was also Riverbend this past week, a musical arts festival in Downtown Chattanooga. Saturday night I am laying in the bed with Deb watching Netflix and I said to myself, I really want to take my drone down to Riverbend and capture some aerial footage of the fireworks display.  The bed was so comfortable and I really didn’t want to get out at 10:30 on a Saturday night but I knew I would regret it if I didn’t.  So, I did. I grabbed my drone and headed downtown.  I pulled into Deb’s work parking garage, which is right next to the fireworks display, and headed to the top level.  As I got up there, everyone else obviously has the same idea and where up there to watch the fireworks.  As soon as the fireworks started, I fired up the ole’ drone and sent it off into the night’s sky.  I think I captured some good footage.  You can catch that footage on the Beckett Media Facebook page if you like. 

The next morning Deb and I took the boys to church.  It was special simply because it was Father’s day and we went back to my home church of Harrison UMC.  It was a beautiful homecoming.  Even though I really had not been back, for a normal church service for almost 15 years, It felt as if I had never left. I saw some new faces as well as a lot of my church family.  They welcomed me back with hugs and hand shakes as soon as we walked in the door.  It was very sweet and emotional as I am sure I will be back from time to time as the Becketts figure out where we are going to land.

If I am being totally honest here, I still feel like I am in“detox” from my previous season.  I have to figure out how to live life outside of full-time church ministry.  Right now the term church and going to church feels like a job and work.  I mean, I served in some ministry capacity for almost 15 years.  I don’t want to go to church on Sunday mornings for the sake of just going to church.  I want it to mean something and be authentic. I don’t want it to feel like a job anymore.  I spent years forgoing my time to worship so that I could serve the church in making sure the window, for those participating in worship, was as wide open as it could be.

I have to get back to the heart of worship.  My brain still functions on a level of the details.  For example, Sunday morning during the liturgical readings, I was praying that the screen operator was keeping up with the pace and would switch to the next slide on time.  I mean… that is all I think about when I am in church and frankly I am tired of thinking about that stuff.  I want to go to church and be free and clear and with an open heart ready to worship. Maybe I am thinking too much into it?  Maybe not?  Maybe its okay to have those thoughts?  I don’t know.   All I do know is that I need time to let it all go and accept that while my time serving in ministry was fruitful.  It is now in the past and I need to find a way to move forward as a simple participant engaged in corporate worship. 

That’s about it for this week.  As always, thanks for reading!!!