Where Do We Go From Here?

Where do we go from here?  This past week, especially the weekend, was rough for the family and I.  Trying to finish up securing everything from my previous ministry responsibilities has proven to be both heart breaking and painful.  However, we must do what we have to in order to move forward. 

As a husband and father of two boys, Church culture has been the biggest struggle in trying to balance family life.  At times, professional church ministry can be the most rewarding yet get pretty nasty when working with the church folk.  As a former church staff member alumni, I tried my best to keep certain things hidden from the boys.  Should I’ve?  My fear was that my sons may grow up resenting the church if they knew what all went on behind the scenes. I don’t want that for them. When done right, church culture can be life changing.

What was so cool is that, West went to Preschool at our church.  I was always right down the hall.  For 5 years, he grew up in that church.  he knew every wall, each hallway, knew where things were in the sanctuary and in the gym.  All of that is now over.  Where do we go from here?

My wife, Deb, and I have been married 7 years this past May.  She is the love of my life, my partner, my sole mate and mostly my conscientious voice of reason.  A couple of years into our marriage, we brought West Beckett into the world and 3 years after that we welcomed young master, Will Beckett into our family. Those boys are firecrackers.  As rowdy as they may be… they are simply an extension of my love for both Deb and the family as a whole. 

I have a couple of jobs lined up this week.  I am fortunate to carry on my ministry by working with the amazing folks over at Christ Church as well as work with my dear friend Garrett over at Gordon Hospital, who’s mission is to “Extend the Healing Ministry of Christ.”  I mean.. YAY!!!

God has a plan! I am sure of it!

So the question that has been laid is this: Where do we go from here?

This past Sunday, we got the kids up and went to iHop for Breakfast.  I didn’t figure it would be that busy since it was during Sunday morning church hours.  I was wrong as it was packed!!! Next week, we are looking at going back to my home church to visit then maybe the next week try something else… I don’t know.  the door is open!  Maybe I should take a break from organized church for the summer.  Should I?  Everything is up in the air right now. It is looking like we might be moving soon. Looks like I may be taking a part-time videographer job. I am also looking at some minor surgery this summer.  I feel like we need to just take it easy and go slow… not worry about church right now. Get through the summer transitions and settle into a new church home this fall.  What do you think? 

Bringing up the Becketts… what a ride!